Friday, May 22, 2009

How to become an entrepreneur

HI all again after long time.

Just try to remember the first question which I asked from you. How to become an entrepreneur?

In today’s context lot of companies, organizations and countries finding answers for this question with this economic crisis.

I heard one of our professor said. It is good something like this crisis, to get up to the new entrepreneur. This will make new entrepreneur. I feel it is true.

Anyway, when I reading about this problem, I found a good article on this. I share it with you all

"Many people aspire to become an entrepreneur, but actually taking the first steps can be hard. Coming up with a good idea in the first place is probably one of the most challenging parts of becoming an entrepreneur. To help you gather as many ideas as you can always carry a notebook around noting down things from everyday life that cause an inconvenience or anything that can be improved. Looking back at your notebook can often bring up patterns in why problems occur and how they are solved, which gets your brain thinking exactly the way an entrepreneurs should"

Go through this link and try to make your life with the success..... link.....